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IADL assessors and quality assurance auditors will give particular consideration to the following: 


Publicity, Advertising and Pre-course Information.

Ensures that relevant courses are as advertised and give a clear and truthful description of the courses offered by the member.

Selection and Admission of Course Participants.

Ensures that prospective students, trainees, learners, candidates, or participants hold the appropriate qualifications for the courses for which they have applied.

Course Process and Evaluation and Assessment.

Examines how each institution evaluates student coursework and measures the consistency in assessment. This helps ensure course monitoring and quality assurance for all members.

Course Structure, Syllabus and Content.

Ensures that material provided to students is the same or not substantially different to that which was originally presented at submission to the IADL Board. Where material updates have been introduced, verifies that these are within specified parameters of each appropriate course or programme. 

Progress and Assessment and Course Administration.

Monitors student progress and ensures that any student grievances are responded to appropriately.


Ensures that teaching, tutorial, and academic staff are adequately qualified and experienced and monitors any change to staffing arrangements, and that the staff to course participant ratio is sufficient.

Course Evaluation and Quality Assurance Procedures.

Ensures that internal procedures to monitor and maintain internal standards on delivery of courses are available.


Members agree to adhere to the IADL Code of Practice for Members, and are required to provide evidence that recommendations made by IADL assessors and evaluators have been acted upon.