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Blended Learning


This page provides links to some articles and resources on blended learning - that is a learning solution created through a mixture of face-to-face and online learning delivered through a mix of media.


Wikipedia Article Describing Blended Learning


What is Blended Learning?

Information and advice for students on courses utilizing blended learning.


Blended learning Solutions


The Blended Learning Solution

See how blending live, expert-led seminars with the power and flexibility of the web creates a smarter way to learn.


Is Blended Learning Effective?


Building Effective Blended Learning Programs 

An in-depth article in .pdf format giving detailed information and advice on how to integrate blended learning into educational and training programmes. 


Blended Learning  

A blog about eLearning tools, software and trends.


Training Reference UK - Blended Learning

Useful collection of articles, resources and links about blended learning.