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Accredited Membership




Accreditation is a process which assures the general public that an institution has clearly defined and appropriate objectives and maintains conditions under which their achievement can reasonably be expected. It encourages improvement through continuous self-evaluation and review. It fosters excellence through the development of principles and guidelines for assessing pedagogical effectiveness.

Applicants for Accredited Member status must satisfy IADL assessors, officers and regulatory staff that their organisation, products and services comply with the standards required by the IADL. 


An Accredited Member may acknowledge its IADL membership and display the IADL Logo on its website, prospectus, course-materials, course-completion or graduation certificates, and on other publicity or promotional material.  It may use the statement:


"Fully-Accredited Member of the International Association for Distance Learning". 


Accredited Members will receive a Certificate of Accredited Membership for the duration of their membership, together with a Letter of Confirmation and Validation. 

Please note that the International Association for Distance Learning is only able to accredit universities or degree-granting institutions which are licensed or approved by national or regional government or are already accredited by a nationally or internationally recognised organisation or body. Tertiary-level institutions which do not appear on the 
List of Universities of the World Higher Education Database will not normally be considered for Accredited Membership of the IADL.



The initial evaluation and appraisal procedures may be abridged or waived completely if the applicant is licenced by virtue of central, regional or local government authority, or has undergone a formal accreditation process and obtained accredited status from a body duly recognised by the IADL for that purpose. 

Any part or parts of the application process may be varied or waived at the absolute discretion of the IADL, without formal notice.