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Download Free eBooks




The following eBooks are available free thanks to the generosity of the authors and publishers:



Theory and Practice of Online Learning


Published by Athabasca University Canada


A collection of works by practitioners and scholars actively working in the field of distance education.


eLearning Concepts

and Techniques 


E-Learning Concepts and Techniques is a collaborative e-book project by Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania's Department of Instructional Technology students and guest authors. It was a project-based assignment for the online class, E-Learning Concepts and Techniques Spring 2006


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Guide to Online Education


eLearners have compiled their collective knowledge to create the definitive guide for students to education online.


Whether you are just starting to think about elearning or

have already made the decision to study online, this comprehensive

Guide to Online Education will help answer your questions

about the vast and, often confusing, world of distance learning and online







by David W. Brooks, Diane E. Nolan,

Susan M. Gallagher


This book includes a review of current research, active learning strategies, Web courseware, metacognition, strategies for Web discussions, promoting student self-regulation, building interactive Web pages, basic HTML coding, managing Web sites, using databases, automated testing, and security and legal issues.


Online Text Format


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 Successful Online Instruction


An amazing collection of suggestions and advice from a diverse range of elearning professionals. Nowhere will you find a more comprehensive set of tips that you can use to improve your knowledge and skills in online instruction.



The Insider’s Guide To Becoming A Rapid eLearning Pro


This ebook provides an insider’s perspective on getting the results that make you a rapid e-learning

pro. The author describes proven methods and techniques developed over 15 years of building e-learning courses.


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 Tips and Tricks for

Working with eLearning Tools


Tips for using software for the creation of e-Learning.

Courseware authoring and e-Learning development tools

Rapid e-Learning tools

Simulation tools

Media tools

Combining and deploying authoring tools


 Producing and Managing

Flash-based eLearning Content


239 usable tips for producing and managing Flash-based e-Learning.

The tips range in length from one-sentence ideas all the way up to multi-page discourses. Some are very basic in nature, and others are quite advanced.  Many of them contain detailed ActionScript code that will help you solve common problems.


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Getting the Most Out

of Your eLearning Budget


This eBook on maximizing your e-Learning development budget offers advice and suggestions on where to begin your e-Learning programs, getting the most from subject matter experts, lending your skills to other departments, and lessons learned the hard way, to more timely themes like leveraging social media, using open source tools, and where to find free content on the net.



 Interactions for eLearning


Interactions that can be used in eLearning that will make the learning more fun and engaging. Some of the interactions described are:

Scatter steps

Order of importance

Find the mismatch

Story-based questions

Scavenger hunt

Branching stories




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98 Tips for Selecting and Working with eLearning Service Providers


This eBook discusses how to work best together with elearning service providers, identifying what should be done inhouse or where outsourcing would be more economical, and how a team approach can align the brainpower of widely diverse groups, often across the miles.



The eLearning Guild's Handbook of eLearning Strategy


This handbook will help make a broad, fundamental connection between learning, e-Learning, and an organization's mission, business objectives, and the bottom line. Chapters address everything from crafting a focused strategy, to keeping strategy focused, to change management.



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Implementing eLearning

A Toolkit for Institutions


Resources that can provide assistance in assessing the costs, benefits and risks of implementing and developing e-learning provision. This is not about re-inventing the wheel - it is based upon tried and tested approaches which circle around a sound Project Management approach underpinning a set of tools and techniques that will steer you through the systems lifecycle path of analysis, planning, implementation and review.


In a printable .pdf format.



Guidelines for Supporting Learners Using eLearning in Workplaces


These guidelines provide practical models for businesses and their training partners to provide effective support for learners using e-learning in workplaces.  The strategies are used at all stages of the e-learning process, including before,
during and after the training program. They include strategies for recruiting learners, checking readiness, providing induction and orientation, supporting learners through courseware features, providing direct personal support and providing follow up to apply and extend their learning beyond the training.


In a printable .pdf format.


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Digital Education


Digital Education is a thoughtful and sophisticated discussion of the shape of education in the future. The book provides a panorama of the application of new digital technologies in education. In some cases it describes instances where this technology has already been implemented with great success, in others it discusses promises that have still to be confirmed. 


Online Text Version




701 eLearning Tips


The MASIE Center has compiled 141 pages and 14 chapters covering the ABC's of getting started to global implementation strategies. Tips from senior managers and training professionals from major corporations around the world.


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 Plan to Learn: Case Studies in eLearning Project Management


22 case studies by authors in eight countries, drawn from both the corporate and educational sectors. The case studies in this 180 page volume deal with a variety of elearning project management issues, including:


- Development of elearning project 

   management skills

- Importance of leadership

- Change management

- Managing risk in an elearning project

- Dealing with cultural conflicts.


In a printable .pdf format.



NETnet’s Guide to Internet Course

Design and Development


The Northeast Texas Consortium (NETnet)


This guide is designed primarily for instructors who are just beginning to integrate online teaching into their existing courses. It contains an introduction to instructional design and development concepts for the distance learning environment.


In a printable .pdf format.


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 834 Tips for Successful Online Instruction


A collection of tips from members of the eLearning Guild; organized into tips for synchronous instructors, managers, and design and development teams.



In a printable .pdf format.



Mobile Learning: Transforming the Delivery of Education and Training


Athabasca University


Examines considerations in using mobile learning for distance education applications.


In a printable .pdf format.


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