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How to Get the Most out of an eLearning Course



It takes a great deal of motivation and organisation to successfully complete a distance learning course, because you’re mainly accountable to yourself. When you are a traditional student you have to see your tutor face-to-face and there is more structure to your learning. If you don’t have to attend tutorials and you have the flexibility to study when you want it can be easy to not do as much as you need to. You therefore have to be extremely determined to take a distance learning course, as you have to be able to focus on what needs to be done.


You may have access to a tutor, but it isn’t quite the same communicating via email as it is talking to someone face-to-face. If you’re having difficulty with reading or writing essays this may not be picked up on unless you actually get in contact with your tutor. It is therefore worth establishing contact with your tutor early on, so that you can ask questions and ask for tips on how to improve your skills. Clearly, if you’re having difficulty understanding certain concepts you have to ask someone else, as it is better to ask for help than to give up your course because you can’t understand something.


That is why it is good to make the most of any platforms that are available for you to meet other students. There may be the occasional tutorial which you are advised to attend in person, but even if you don’t meet your fellow students in the flesh you will probably have access to online forums and chat rooms. When you’re trying to juggle a full-time job with your studies and family life it can be a challenge and so it is nice to have people who are in a similar situation and who can relate to what you’re going through.


There are many benefits associated with distance learning, as you can work towards a qualification that will improve your employment prospects without spending a fortune. It is a more flexible way of studying, as apart from when you have to meet assignment deadlines you can work to your own schedule, which is extremely handy when you work or look after your children. Distance learning is generally something you do because you enjoy studying and want to improve your education, which is why you need to have enthusiasm for your subject and to be self-motivated.


It can be tough to stick with a distance learning course, but if you use all the materials provided and make contact with your tutor and other students you will find that studying in this way is a rewarding experience.